Only EC provides the resources, expertise and multi-location capabilities needed to meet the unique requirements for launching a successful membership plan program across multiple locations or an entire enterprise. Whether the plans will be the same across all practices, or different based on location, we have the resources to supplement your own management team – from plan design and launch to ongoing support and management.

As a growing organization focused on the day-to-day operations of multiple locations, launching a successful membership plan program may require additional resources to supplement your already busy team. That’s where EC comes in, providing the resources you need to roll out your program – becoming a vital member of your team and helping manage the project to completion and beyond. Our seasoned team has extensive experience launching membership programs across large-multi-location organizations, and our experience will provide the guidance you need to grow your program on a grand scale.

EC will collaborate with your internal marketing team to create and brand your membership program. Not sure you have the team in place or bandwidth? The EC team of branding and graphics experts can work single-handedly to create and brand your membership program. Our graphics team has large agency experience and can create the unique branding and marketing tools needed for success. Marketing and strategy are a key aspects of resources and tools we bring to the project to help complete your project quickly. In addition to branding, EC provides marketing agency quality creative for all aspects of your marketing needs (brochures, post card mailers, email campaigns, banners, etc).

Built on a strong background in both CRM and automated billing and payment management across a variety of industries, EC is uniquely positioned to help rapidly scale your program across multiple practice locations. Through our multi-location capabilities, we offer technology guidance, integration and custom solutions that are synergistic with the technological infrastructure of your growing organization, and we will partner with your team to ensure synergy and long-term compatibility. General areas of integration include accounting and PMS, data warehouses, production pay systems, and more. Available portals include:

  • Corporate/Regional – allows users to monitor activity, across the locations to which they have access, as well as provide support with the ability to Login As each location
  • Employee – allows an entity to manage plans offered to employees only, typically managed by human resources.
  • Practice – manages the day-to-day membership plans offered by each location.
  • Patient – the patient portal to manage and understand their account. Branding can be at the corporate level or practice level.
  • All portals can be independently branded depending on the nature of how the multi-location entity works. The Corporate and Regional/Group levels allow for consolidated reporting, plan design and management, missed payment management and user access controls.

EC is the only membership plan platform designed to meet the unique revenue recognition requirements for organizations adhering to accrual accounting and GAAP guidelines. Many features are included to ensure proper accounting practices are enforced. Our platform is based on an accounts receivable system, which is vital for accurate billing, tracking and reporting of membership plan revenue – mapped to your general ledger accounts. The system has been used by public companies adhering to GAAP.

After hundreds of program rollouts, it is safe to say we recognize the challenges and concerns that arise at all levels of an organization. Our goal is to ensure that each individual practice team feels confident and enthusiastic about their membership plan offerings, and each team member knows how to communicate this value to patients.

Our performance dashboards give vital program insight and reporting across your entire organization. Our proprietary utilization dashboards allow you to set goals for each location and easily monitor progress against those goals.The activity center provides a CRM solution that allows you to organize and track activity of your team that is working with the practices to drive volume.

These tools are critical to understanding your overall program performance.   In addition to tools, EC provides utilization experts that will help you overcome any speedbumps you might encounter.

EC is built upon the Extend Credit platform. Used in multiple industries, the technology provides the highest level of PCI compliance capabilities and security. EC has its own certified vault to ensure tokenization of confidential patient information and payment methods. The vault ensures that if you ever need to switch providers, you can get the credit card information migrated.

As organizations expand, internal technology needs increase, and sometimes the membership program needs to be integrated with other business systems. EC software is API driven, allowing your development team to get full access to the data. Our development team has a long history of helping create specific solutions for our clients.

We think a little differently. As a technology company completely focused on and dedicated to Dental Membership Plan solutions, we want to engage with dentists and teams that have a bigger vision. We want to share a greater fundamental understanding of the dental membership plans revolution and what it can mean for the future of dental medicine and individual practice growth. Let us help you unleash the power of membership plans in your practice.