The Leading Membership Plan Management Software is Just the Start

Great technology is important for success, but it takes much more than that to ensure an exceptionally successful dental membership plan program. Did you know that of the practices offering membership plans, roughly 60% do a fair job, 25% do it well, and only 15% do it exceptionally well?

At EC we understand the roadblocks that can prevent a program from going from good to great, and our team’s single focus is to make sure your program is in the top 15%. Our coaches work with you to ensure you experience the benefits that a successful Membership plan program delivers. We are with you and your team at every step, removing the hurdles, answering your questions and making sure you feel completely in control of your Membership program. With EC, it’s so much more than just turning on leading software, it is about partnering and providing the coaching and tools to be successful.

We provide the guidance and sample plans for your program, but deliver the flexibility to allow you to change, add or use options to create a plan that is specific for your practice and maximizes care for your patients.

The EC solution allows you to add options to your plans to better meet individual patient oral health needs. Along the way, we discuss pricing strategy, ideas for increasing compliance for services in and out of the plan, discuss any discounts you may provide and how to use online self-enrollment to maximize the results of your program.

EC is about building your brand and patient relationships. As part of setting you up for success, we help you brand and market your plans, whether that is a basic plan strategy or a membership club concept. A successful membership program enables you to attract new patients and promote additional services and treatments to existing Patients. To have the broadest market appeal, a well-developed set of plans should appeal to almost every patient demographic.

Offering dental membership plans and promoting them to your patients may be hard for some of your team members. We have seen that some team members start off feeling that promoting membership plans feels like “selling”, which makes them uncomfortable. A little education on the patient benefits and the team soon finds out that it is a program your patients will appreciate being informed about and allow more potential clients to come in and afford the care they need.

The software is easy to use and enrolling a new patient is quick, either at the practice or with the self-enrollment. So, the basic training is rather simple. The system also provides many advanced billing features, patient communications, reports, and other advanced functions that other providers just don’t offer. Many key tasks are role-based at the user level, which allows you to assign tasks to key individuals and manage security and access appropriately. Our team works with you to ensure you are well trained on the system and benefit from all it has to offer.

With EC you also get your business coach, a trained and experienced team member that serves as a resource and ongoing team member to help ensure your success.

Many, if not most, practices wrestle with average renewal rates. If you don’t make it a strategy, you will literally be taken two steps forward and one step backward with your program as plans from the previous year do not renew. Our team has extensive experience, and leverages knowledge across 300,000+ consumers to help our partners develop and support renewal strategies that increase overall renewal rates, helping maximize the benefits of your membership program.

A major downfall with other providers is that they leave all aspects of missed payment management to the practice, resulting in hours of your time spent tracking A/R balances and following up with patients. With EC, we manage this for you. The system will send out payment reminders prior to the debit, indicating that the patient can look at details on the practice-branded client portal. Built into the technology is our automated smart reattempt logic that based on statistical success rates, cures many of the payment issues. For the missed payments that do occur, EC has the most advanced missed payment management workflow around, solving many of the issues that cause a missed payment – fraud alerts, max daily limits, temporary authorizations that max out a card and more And unlike other offerings, our team calls on your behalf to help rectify any missed payments the software was not able to fix. The last thing your team wants to do is be calling patients tracking down payment methods.
Basic preventive dental care plans are a great start and provide dramatic results for practices in terms of revenue growth and compliance. Your dental membership plan design can allow you to add different options on individual plans to further meet specific needs of patients and our In-House payment plan software provides you an additional payment offering if desired. As us about how our program can cater to your specific needs.

We are dedicated to your success. Our dental team’s single focus is the membership plan management needs of our dental clients. Our business coaches work with you to look at pricing changes, innovative marketing strategies and much more. For our multi-location clients, we help them develop custom integration or features that meet the specific needs of organizations with multiple practices.

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A successful Membership plan program is an investment, it takes time, work and enthusiasm. Our first goal is to make sure you feel comfortable about what it takes to be successful. Our team works with you to make sure to explore both short and long-term expectations, needs and desires are built into your membership plan program. We have worked with hundreds of practices and understand what it takes at each step to be successful. As the leading membership program provider, we understand you may have questions and the team is here to help. Our first goal is to ensure you prepared and ready for success. We have a plan for your success.

The data is in. Dental membership plan programs have a tremendous effect on increasing compliance, patient loyalty and growing practice revenue.

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